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It wouldn’t make sense for you to play Animal Crossing New Leaf without understanding the game, especially since understanding this game on your own is not an easy task. That is why I have decided to summarize and compile the best tips needed to win in this Animal Crossing New Leaf Complete guide including ACNL Hair Guide, ACNL Face Guide, ACNL Coffee Guide and more. Moreover, I will also discuss the Animal Crossing villagers as it is important to know the famous ACNL villagers and other characters. You’ll be surprised to know that this game is one of the best ones on all of your Nintendo consoles. Not many games nowadays are able to win the hearts of people all over the world. Animal Crossing New Leaf is definitely not one of them and has managed to win the hearts of millions of players around the globe.

Let me introduce the game to you a little. Animal Crossing New Leaf is a version of the game series of the classic franchise of Animal Crossing owned by Nintendo for the handheld devices owned by many eager people all over the world. Based on the thematic scenery of animals and their habitat, this game is full of interesting characters like animals and bugs who come to life on your handheld Nintendo. The game gives you a lifelike experience in which you get to meet different kinds of animals, catch the bugs which you do not like and swing the net over some unlucky fish as well.

Before we can cover the major points in animal crossing new leaf guide like ACNL face guide, ACNL hair guide, animal crossing villagers, ACNL fish guide, animal crossing bug guide, ACNL Halloween, ACNL Coffee Guide, animal crossing new leaf face guide, animal crossing new leaf hair guide, ACNL room ideas, animal crossing new leaf cheats, ACNL art guide etc, let me give you the basics.

I can assure you that you will not be the least bit disappointed to play this game. In fact, you will feel disappointed whenever you will need to stop playing the game and get on with your real, monotonous life. Although the concept of animals and bugs might seem easy to you at first, there is a huge number of adults who have played the game and have had problems with many aspects of the game. It is like the perfect entertainment for you and ends up brightening your day. Knowing how to win the game, I am going to cover some of the best tips for ACNL game including some amazing animal crossing new leaf cheats.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a life simulation based game specially designed for the handheld Nintendo 3DS console. Being the latest entry in a franchise that started on the N64 (Japan-only) in 2001, animal crossing new lead has gained widespread popularity in the gaming world. Initially, the game Animal Crossing New Leaf was first announced at E3 2010. In ES 2011, information was revealed to people and mechanics of the game were elaborated comprehensively.

Despite the hit series, Nintendo did not stop there and made sure that many new innovations were periodically added to the latest installment. These innovations and updates focused on what the gamers were enjoying the most which meant that the updates centered chiefly around the big hook that players. The big hook players of the game is becoming mayor of their town and who is primarily responsible for the well-being of the not only the town but also of all of the residents of that town. Using the animal crossing new leaf cheats that I will tell you, I am sure you are going to win this game in no time. At first, you might feel like you do not need an animal crossing new leaf guide and especially information about things like animal crossing new leaf cheats, ACNL room ideas, animal crossing new leaf face guide, ACNL hair guide or need to know about the animal crossing villagers. But I assure you, you will need to know all of these things and more. All of this information is available for you in one place and that is right here, on this website dedicated to Animal Crossing.

Now if you are completely new to the game and do not understand how you will play it, let alone win it, you don’t need to be worried. In this website, I am going to explore in great detail the mechanics of the game starting off from the very basics of the games and gradually exploring all of the tips and tricks that will help you not only win the very game but also make money. Yes, you have got that right. Not only can you play this game and enjoy it, but Animal Crossing New Leaf gives you the chance to make money too. I have got just the tips you need to make this game really easy for you and a source of enjoyment.

I would suggest that you guys should keep reading for ways to clear the game’s two biggest hurdles: starting off and making money.

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That is not it, in order to play this game well and actually make good money out of it, it is also important that in addition to the ACNL face guide, hair guide, coffee guide, redd guide, amiibo cards you are also well aware of other things. These important things include animal crossing characters, ACNL villagers, ACNL room ideas, ACNL furniture sets, ACNL flower guide, ACNL fish guide, ACNL feng shui, ACNL fertilizer, and ACNL Shampoodle guide.

In this website, after thoroughly understanding the game and winning it, I have compiled all of the tips an guides for everything mentioned above in just one place for you.

We will start off with how you can begin to play the game.

The first aspect that you will come across at the start of the ACNL game will be the new route you will be taking on your way to the town. On your way, you will come across an excited talking cat that will strike a conversation with you which might seem casual to you. But in actuality, the answers to that cat’s questions, namely Rover the cat, will actually play a role in determining your character and town.

After your answers have helped in preparing for your character and town, Rover will ask for your name and gender. You are free to choose whichever name excites you the most but do note that you will have to stick to that name for the entire game. Then, you will be asked to choose your gender. Cool will be the code for the male gender and the female gender is denoted with “cute”. Now you will also have the opportunity to choose your town. You will be asked the name and also shown a feature on the map which you can select to indicate if that is the town you would like to move to.

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After your town selection, you will again have to answer a couple of questions that will be important in deciding your character’s appearance. I have given a detailed ACNL face guide for you below. You can also change your hairstyle and hair color later at the salon, called the Shampoodle. For that, ACNL hair guide and Shampoodle guide, scroll down below.

As soon as the train arrives at the station, it is finally the time for your first arrival in the town.

ACNL Face Guide – Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide

Probably one of the most interesting things about Animal Crossing New Leaf is that you even get to customize the way you look, your face to be precise. In this ACNL face guide, I will help you in determining the steps you need to take to look exactly the way that you want. It is very important that you carefully follow the steps that I am going to go over in this detailed Animal Crossing New Leaf Face guide. Now when you start off the game, Rover will ask you questions regarding your name and gender. After you have selected your name and gender, Rover will pose a series of three questions at you, the answers of which will eventually determine how you will look.

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Your answers can lead you to get one look out of the 24 possibilities. While on the train, Rover can gift you with one of the possible faces from the set of 24. Let me explain how there is a possibility of getting 24 possible facial looks. Basically, there are 12 possible looks for each gender. Now as I explained before, you will already have selected your gender at the start.

After the finalization of the gender, you will be able to get one out of the possible 12 looks for your gender. Now it can be a little difficult to predict which answers to Rover’s questions will get you the desired facial look. In order to help you out with this, I am going to present a detailed animal crossing new leaf face guide in the form of a chart. In the chart below, you can see the combination of answers which can get you the different facial looks. I hope this animal crossing face guide helps to get the desired look you want.

ACNL Face Guide -

ACNL Hair Guide – Animal Crossing New Leaf Hair Guide

Do you wish that you had better hair in life but cannot experiment? I have a better option for you. While playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, you will be able to reach a stage where you will have the opportunity to give your character a completely new hair look. Now, things are not as easy as they seem. There is an entire process that you need to go through before you can get the ideal hair look.  In this animal crossing new leaf hair guide, I am going to guide you in detail and give a step by step process of how you can do this.

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Basically, in order to go through the animal crossing hairstyles and to understand the ACNL hair color guide, you need to learn about the Shampoodle guide. In order to get ACNL hairstyles, you have to make it to ACNL’s Shampoodle. Now let me tell you what ACNL Shampoodle is. ACNL Shampoodle is a hair salon which can be unlocked when you are in the main street. I think you would be fascinated to know that at the salon, you will visit Harriet the poodle who will be your hair stylist for the day. Now Harriet is going to ask you some questions which will determine your final hairstyle. Since the questions are a little difficult to answer, I am going to provide you a detailed ACNL hair guide of how you can slide through the questions and get the perfect hairstyle that you need.

How to Unlock Shampoodle’s In Animal Crossing New Leaf?

But before we can get into the details of how to get the perfect hairstyle, for those of you who don’t know, let me cover all details regarding ACNL Shampoodle. Now before you can unlock Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Shampoodle salon, you first have to unlock Kicks. In order to unlock the Kicks, you have to spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters’ shop. Kicks will open if it has been at least ten days since your town was created. Then, spend 10,000 bells in Able Sisters’ or Kicks. After Kicks has been open for at least ten days, Shampoodle’s salon will unlock and open on the second story of the Able Sisters’ building.

How to Change your Hairstyle in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

In this animal crossing new leaf hair guide, I am going to go over how you can get just the right kind of hair. At first, it seemed a bit confusing to me for a lack of any clear indication of what hair I was going to receive. It was after I had answered Harriot’s questions and she was done blowing her large machine over my head that I realized what kind of a hairstyle was in store for me. With this hair guide ACNL, I am sure you will better understand the process of choosing the right hairstyle and the ACNL hair color guide will also help with the hair color.

But first thing’s first. When it comes to the right ACNL hairstyle, select the part of the meter that aligns with what you are looking for, and answer Harriet’s questions much the way you answered Rover’s questions for your face. For example, if you are going to opt for a random style, pull the slider to ‘Formal’, select ‘Private Life’ and ‘Doesn’t matter’.

Now let us come to the second part which is even more interesting. Now while deciding the ACNL hair color, if you are going for a natural hair color that means you will have to select one of the nine points from the slider. Now you can choose either the Intense or the Bright colors. You will have to select from 4 vibrant colors. Please keep in your mind that you can only have your hair done once a day and it costs around 3000 bells. Moreover, you will also have the option of choosing to wear a Mii Mask from the Mii you have created on the 3DS. But if you are opting for the Mii Mask, please note that you will not be able to wear any accessories for example headgear or anything of this sorts.

In order to better understand the ACNL hair guide, please look the at the chart below.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Hair Guide - ACNL Hair Guide

Animal Crossing Characters – ACNL Villagers

Another fascinating feature of animal crossing is the animal crossing villagers which are basically the characters of the game.

The animal crossing characters are basically different kinds of animals that can move into your town which would mean that they are residents. Other than being residents, characters can also be shop owners. If I was to summarize the different categories of characters for you it would be like:

  • Shop Owner and Side Characters
  • New Residents and Characters
  • Residents
  • Villagers
  • Visiting Characters
Now let me go over the animal crossing villagers in detail. Around 460 villagers are present in the animal crossing series and they are the main NPCs of the animal crossing series. They also lead lives around the town and have their own activities ranging from fishing to collecting insects etc. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, villagers are more interactive. They occasionally plant flowers, shake trees or even buy items from the shop.

Basically, how animal crossing villagers function is that they move into the town at random. Actually, there is no way to determine which villager will move in next unless you see a house set up. You cannot even know if they have convinced a villager from another town to move in, or the player has convinced the villager to move in from the campsite. The Animal Crossing New Leaf Amiibo update can contact wisp which allows them to move in any villager using their amiibo card.

You can only go inside the house of a villager if they are inside. There is no fixed time for the villagers to sleep and the house also remains locked while they are sleeping. As the player, you will not be able to peep inside chests, wardrobes, or any other type of storage units inside a villager’s home. If you open one of these, a specific message will appear relating to each wardrobe. They can be references to other Nintendo games as well. You also will not have access to turn off the lights inside of a villager’s home. However, there is a possibility that a villager will randomly offer a furniture item when the player looks in a storage unit. In ACNL, there are around 333 different villagers that can possibly move into your town. Some new ACNL villagers were added to the list recently.

Here you can have a look at the animal crossing villagers that you can expect to come across.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Villagers - ACNL Villagers

ACNL Coffee Guide – Animal Crossing New Leaf Coffee Guide

In animal crossing new leaf guide, you will come across the Roost’s café where you can get yourself some coffee on the run. I think you will enjoy drinking coffee at The Roost. In order to grab some coffee for yourself, all you have to do is just sit in the stool in front of Brewster and order your coffee. However, you can only have coffee once per day. Initially, when you start ordering coffee, he will serve plain coffee, but the more times you order coffee, the more options Brewster will give you, such as adding milk and sugar or choosing the coffee beans.

While playing animal crossing new leaf, you will come across a job opportunity at the very cool café called the Roost’s café. Since you have the option of working and earning for yourself in ACNL, being one of the workers at Rooster’s café is a really good opportunity.

But it is not very easy to work here as you need to know which villager or character prefers which kind of coffee if you really want to earn rewards for yourself In order to know their preferences, you need to know the mix of sugar and milk that each character prefers. That is why I present to you a detailed animal crossing new leaf coffee guide here so you can actually earn some amazing rewards.

In this ACNL coffee guide, let me present to you a comprehensive list which can help you understand the coffee preferences of all the special villagers. For a detailed ACNL Coffee Guide, you can click here.

ACNL Amiibo Cards – Animal  Crossing New Leaf Amiibo Cards

A very important thing that all animal crossing leaf guide players need to know is ACNL amiibo cards. For those of you, who don’t know what ACNL amiibo cards are, let me explain it in detail so you guys don’t miss out on one of the most rewarding experiences of ACNL game.

Basically, Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are trading cards of collectors that have been bestowed with the amiibo functionality from Nintendo. The Amiibo Cards are intended for use with the new animal crossing new leaf amiibo update. Moreover, they can also be used with the spin-off games of animal crossing like the Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

The Amiibo example, the cards are available in quite a few places, for cards are available in blindly packed packets of 6 in America and around 3 in Europe. One special character card is guaranteed in each pack.

It has been announced that there will be five series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. In this five series, the main four series contain a total of 100 cards each, with 17 special characters and 83 regular villagers, and are available worldwide. These cards are compatible with all three modern Animal Crossing games but here we are discussing them with their use with respect to Animal Crossing New Leaf.

ACNL Redd Guide – Animal Crossing New leaf Redd Guide

When you get to complete your museum, you will need an ACNL Redd guide that will help you in spotting the real paintings by Crazy Redd. You need to spot the fake paintings from the real ones because Blathers will not accept any fake paintings. Normally, what happens is that Crazy Redd will bring in a couple of paintings only a few of which will actually be genuine. To make sure you will be able to do so, I have prepared a comprehensive animal crossing new leaf red. Animal Crossing New Leaf art is indeed an important segment. There is also an important segment called ACNL furniture sets. This Animal Crossing New Leaf Redd guide will help you in spotting the genuine Animal Crossing New Leaf paintings

These are just some of the important guides that you will need to make it through animal crossing new leaf guide.

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