Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Guide – ACNL Fish Guide

If you want to be able to make it successfully by surviving the fish and bugs in animal crossing new leaf, you need a detailed ACNL fish and ACNL bug guide to help. In the world of animal crossing new leaf, there are like 72 fish that includes 12 different kinds of species.

In this ACNL fish guide, I will go over how you can get the fish. In order to go fishing, you need to get yourself a fishing rod which can be purchased from the Nookling general stores for 500 bells. There is also an alternative that can use to get the fishing rod. If you can’t find a rod at the store, what you can do is go to Town Hall and at the reception desk, strike a conversation with Isabelle and listen to her entire advice session. Then she might sell you once. Please note, for this, you need to tell her that you are interested in fishing and not catching bugs.

You start off by first finding your target by searching for fish shadows. The places in which fish appear include the River, small ponds, ocean, and the tropical island. The availability of fish can vary depending on location, weather, time of day, and time of year.

Now the first step is to equip your rod with bait and then press A. The fish should ideally take the bait. The trick now is to watch the floater. When the fish goes completely underwater, quickly press A to finally catch the fish. Be careful that if you press it too early or too late, the fish will disappear. Then you will have to look for a new target. Finally, in this Animal Crossing New Leaf fish guide, you can see the names of all fishes in alphabetical order below.