ACNL Flower Guide – ACNL Fertilizer and Hybrid Guide

You will find flowers in various places in Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide. You will come across random flowers at various places in the town and new flowers may appear randomly as well. This is because your villagers can plant new flowers whenever they wish. You also have the same opportunity and can plant flowers at your will. Now you will need an ACNL flower guide to help you in planting various hybrids depending on what you wish.

Hybrid Flowers occur when you breed two different categories of flowers together to produce a unique color which would otherwise not be present at the garden shop. You can grow a new flower by placing flowers from the same species but different color to achieve the same species flower with a new color. For example, you can place a red rose next to a white rose with some space in between to achieve a unique colored rose. Another useful tip in this ACNL flower guide is that you can have rows of flowers with spaces in between for your flowers to grow. In this ACNL hybrid guide, I will also cover ACNL fertilizer and all other items that will help in growing the perfect flowers for you.

It is also important that you stock up on ACNL fertilizer which is sold in Leif’s’ garden shop after you have successfully unlocked the T & T Emporium. Applying the fertilizer near the two flowers that you are hoping to breed will increase the probability of success. Needless to say, you should also water your flowers every now and then. The rate of success for your hybrids increases when you only water the flowers you are trying to produce a hybrid form. The other good thing about planting flowers and why you need an ACNL flower guide is that you can earn badges by planting flowers. Planting saplings and flowers can get you badges:

  • 100 total of seeds and saplings grown.
  • 250 total of seeds and saplings grown.
  • 500 total of seeds and saplings grown.

The following chart is the most important thing in the ACNL flower guide.

ACNL Flower Guide