Alberta invites 100 for PR in January 28 ANIP draw

Canadian province Alberta invited 100 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence on January 28, 2021. In the draw, the candidate who obtained nomination through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program had a score of minimum CRS score of 360 in the Express Entry pool.

To get a provincial nomination certificate, a person must first submit their profile in the federal Express Entry system. Candidates who work in one of the shortage occupations of a province are awarded provincial nominations through the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). The PNP was introduced for provinces to nominate candidates in Express Entry pool according to their economic needs and shortages.

About AINP


In order to get permanent residence in Alberta, one should apply through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). To be eligible in AINP the candidate must belong to a shortage occupation or they plan to invest or start a business in the province. Once after getting the invitation, all you have to do is to apply for permanent residence along with your family and wait for approval from the federal government.


AINP Streams

AINP has 2 types of streams for workers and entrepreneurs.

2.Streams for workers

For skilled workers, Alberta offers 2 programs namely, Alberta Express Entry Stream (AEES) and Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS).

Alberta Express Entry Stream

This stream is mainly for skilled workers who have applied in the federal Express Entry system. Candidates can’t apply directly under this stream. AINP can nominate several candidates from Express Entry pool according to its shortage of occupations, for its economic development. It is to be noted that misinterpretation for fraud in an application may lead to 5 years of ban from ANIP and candidates under this stream are not eligible to extend their nomination. Foreign graduates of Canadian universities are also eligible for this program.


To apply for AEES, you must follow these 2 steps:

  1. Federal Express Entry candidates must first receive Notification of Interest (NOI) from AINP and respond to it to show their interest.
  2. They must meet assessment criteria and submit an application once they’ve received an invitation from AINP.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

This stream is particularly for those candidates who either reside and work in Alberta or have a job offer from an employer in Alberta. Candidates are required to have accepted LMIA exemption work permits and they must also meet other criteria related to the residency and work permit type, occupation, language, education, Alberta job offer and work experience.

2.Streams for entrepreneurs

The business stream of AINP also offers 2 programs: International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and Self-Employed Farmer Stream.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

This stream nominates candidates who have attained post-secondary education from an institute in Alberta and are willing to start or buy a business in the province. They may submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to apply for this program.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

This stream is for people who either have experience in farming or they plan to buy a farm in Alberta.

There are 2 steps to applying to this stream:

  1. Submit your business plan to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.
  2. Wait for the approval and Ministerial Recommendation Letter approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and then apply in AINP.

The Federal Express Entry System

Federal Express Entry system was introduced by the Canadian government to fill in the labour gaps in Canada. Candidates who receive a nomination from AlNP or general PNP are awarded 600 additional scores in Comprehensive ranking system. These points remarkably increase their chances of getting permanent residence in Canada which is decided by the Canadian government. To apply for Express Entry system, you must first determine your eligibility in any of its 3 classes Federal skilled worker class, Federal skilled trades class and Canadian experience class. After that, you must submit your profile, documents and processing fee. Once your application gets approves your name will be added to the Express Entry pool where candidates are ranked according to their CRS score. After that, you must wait for receiving your invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

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