Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide – ACNL Face Guide

If you are looking for a detailed Animal Crossing New Leaf face guide, you have come to the right place. Although I have already expanded quite a bit on the animal crossing new leaf face guide, here I will go over it in much more detail and also present an animal crossing face guide which includes an ACNL eye guide. In deciding the steps you want to take to appear the way that you would like, I will assist you. It is important that you carefully follow the steps I will go over in this thorough face guide. Once you start the match off, Rover will ask you questions regarding gender and your name. Rover will pose a set of 3 questions to you, the answers of which will determine how you are going to look after you’ve chosen your name and gender.

You can be led by your replies. While on the train, you can be gifted by Rover in the set of 24 with one of the faces. Allow me to explain, there is basically a chance of having 24 appearances that are possible. There are 12 appearances for each gender. It can be a bit difficult to predict which replies to the questions of Rover will get you the desired appearance. So as to help you out I will present an animal crossing leaf face guide in the form of a chart. From the chart below, you can see the mixture of answers that may get you the distinct looks. This ACNL face guide chart is all you need to get the perfect facial look.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Face Guide - ACNL Face Guide