Animal Crossing New Leaf Halloween Guide – ACNL Halloween Guide

Animal Crossing New Leaf Halloween is an amazing day full of fun and frolic for all of the players. As the norm, Halloween in Animal Crossing New Leaf also happens on the 31st of October. The most exciting thing about Halloween is that you can exchange your lollipops and candy that you get from the villagers with the rare furniture available with Jack.

Now the first step that I will cover in this ACNL Halloween guide is how you can actually get the candy. The candy and items can be obtained from the villagers and from Jack on Halloween. In order to win the candy if you need to play the villagers’ mini-games. The indoor villagers will give you candy if you scare them. Jack will give you items in exchange for candy.

When the Halloween starts, you will find Jack wandering around the town. There is a list of Halloween themed items that you can get from Jack. in exchange for candy. I believe that you should know that Jack prefers lollipops and will give you better items for them, but he will also give you items in exchange for regular candy. The fun part is that you can even get a pumpkin mask in exchange for refusing to give any candy to Jack.

During this the time from 6.00 pm to 1 pm, you will see a lot of villagers with pumpkin masks around the town chasing players. If the player is caught they ask for candy. There are two possibilities. If the candy is eaten by the villager player is free to go. Or else what will happen is that a random item from the inventory will be changed into a junk item.

The interesting part is that if you manage to scare the villagers inside their homes, you will be rewarded with lollipops instead of getting any candy. This can be used as a medium of exchange to get the exclusive creepy set furniture from Jack. Although usually, the players will receive creepy set furniture from Jack, there is also a possibility that the player can receive a mask from the Able Sisters. For the ACNL Halloween guide, the Halloween masks are shown below.

ImageMask NamePriceAvailable From
Bug mask
Bug1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Ghost mask
Ghost1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Monster mask
Monster1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Mummy mask
Mummy1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Skeleton hood
Skeleton hood1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Werewolf hood
Werewolf hood1,031 BellsAble Sisters
Pumpkin head
Pumpkin HeadN/AJack (no candy without a mask on)
Green-pumpkin head
Green-pumpkin headN/AVillagers
Purple-pumpkin head
Purple-pumpkin headN/AVillagers
Red-pumpkin head
Red-pumpkin headN/AVillagers
Yellow-pumpkin head
Yellow-pumpkin headN/AVillagers