Apply Online and Get A Canada Based Job Now

Working in Canada has always been a golden opportunity for many job-seekers globally. The rapidly growing economy of Canada makes it possible for the country to create a significant amount of jobs every year. If you’re looking for a job in Canada then reading this article till the end might help you.

Getting a work permit:

A work permit or Canadian work visa is a document that enables you to apply for a job in Canada. Some jobs do not require a work permit but if you are an immigrant who aspires to be a part of the Canadian Labour market then you might need to apply for one. The Canadian government issues two types of working visas, an open work permit for which you do not require the employer offer letter; and an employer-specific work permit which is issued once you’ve received an offer letter from your employer or any other employment contracts recognized by Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). You can easily get yourself a working visa by filling the online application form. Submitting your application doesn’t necessarily guarantee approval but with the right qualification, skillset, and experience you can achieve your targeted job.

Eligibility Criteria:

To get a Canadian working visa, you must abide by all the rules and regulations set by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). As a job-seeker, if you apply for an employer-specific work permit you are required to submit valid evidence including any offer letters or other contracts from the employer or company to prove that you are qualified enough to work in Canada. Your criminal record must be clear and it should be clarified that you would not be a threat to the country’s security in any way. You will also have to provide an assurance letter to declare that you will leave Canada as soon as your work permit expires and a bank statement declaring that you are stable enough financially to support yourself during the stay and return to your native country when needed.

Documents Required:

The most essential documents you need to apply for a work permit is a valid Passport of your native country. Along with the passport, you must show all of your educational and other documents including any degrees and certificates to verify that your qualification and skills are credible enough for you to be permitted to work in Canada. A medical fitness certificate by any hospital to ensure that you are in good health and you can take care of yourself is another requirement for the work visa application. Besides these, your job offer letter, assurance letter, bank statement, valid national ID, passport-sized photographs, and marriage certificate (if applicable) has to be submitted.

Further Considerations:

Once you’ve finished your online application form and submitted the fee as required, you will be requested to appear in an interview along with all of your original documents. After you have cleared the interview, you will receive your work permit

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