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The List of the Best On-premises and Cloud-Based Call Center Software for Inbound and Outbound Calls with Pricing and Feature Comparison:

What is Call Center Software?

Call Center Software is an application that has the functionality for managing customer communications coming from multiple channels and sources.  It helps agents for making outgoing calls, handling incoming calls, tracking of call metrics, and performing workforce management.

In a call center, a group of people handles all the telephonic conversation and the Contact Center is the center for all the customer conversations that happen through phone, email, chat, or social media.

There are two types of Call Center Solutions:

  • On-premises call center software
  • Cloud-hosted call center software

With On-premises systems, you will get control over the phone systems but for that, you will have to pay for hardware and it includes the efforts and cost of maintaining the system. Another disadvantage of this type of system is that it restricts the scalability of businesses for multiple locations. All these limitations are overcome by cloud-hosted contact center software.

With cloud-hosted call center software, there will be no need for any hardware and the price will be based on the usage. There will not be any need for installations too. It offers benefits like security and availability of data (anytime, anywhere, anyplace).

The below graph will show you the comparison of On-premises vs Cloud-hosted Contact Center Software.


[image source]

In order to enhance your business growth, it is important to choose the right software, which may be contact center software or contact center software. It should provide you with seamless scalability. This software provides features like call monitoring, call barging, and real-time dashboards.

List Of Best Call Center Software

Enlisted below are the most popular Call Center solutions that are majorly used worldwide including countries like the USA, UK, and India.

  1. RingCentral Contact Center
  2. CloudTalk Business Phone System
  3. Dialpad
  4. LiveAgent
  5. Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software
  6. 8*8 Virtual Call Centre
  7. Talkdesk Cloud Platform
  8. Zendesk Talk for Inbound Call
  9. Avaya Contact Center
  10. Ytel
  11. Freshcaller by Freshdesk
  12. CrazyCall
  13. Convoso

#1) RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center – Best for small to large businesses.

Price: RingCentral Contact Center has three pricing plans i.e. Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. You can get a quote for the pricing details of each plan.


RingCentral Contact Center provides standard IVR and ACD capabilities with the Basic plan. It provides Advanced IVR & ACD capabilities with its Advanced and Ultimate plan. It supports the Omnichannel contact center. It provides flexible reports.

It has more than 40 features for routing, integration, administration & management, workforce management & optimization, customer engagement, flexibility, safety, reliability, and security.


  • For intelligent routing, it provides the features of ACD, IVR, skill-based routing, Virtual hold, Voicemail routing, Omnichannel routing, Outbound dialing, outbound campaign management, chat & co-browse, and social media interactions.
  • For administration and reporting, it provides features of call recording, pre-built reports, silent monitoring, barging, omnichannel analytics, supervisor tools, etc.
  • For workforce management and optimization, it has features of speech and text analytics, performance management, coaching & learning tools, screen recording, gasification, etc.

Verdict: RingCentral Contact Center has features for permission-based access, encryption, work through a disaster, etc. It also provides features like collaboration, PBX integration, and a Shared directory. RingCentral ensures 99.99% uptime.

=> Visit RingCentral Contact Center Website

#2) CloudTalk Business Phone System

Best for small to large businesses.

CloudTalk Pricing: CloudTalk offers 3 plans as well as a custom enterprise plan. Prices are based on the number of seats and features. Monthly and annual plans with a 30% discount are available.


CloudTalk is a business phone system built for sales and customer service teams. It helps the sales team dial faster and close more deals by automating the dialing process as well as customer service teams to keep customer satisfaction high by handling more calls with smart routing and IVR.

Every CloudTalk plan includes access to the online dashboard and native desktop (Win & Mac) and mobile apps (iOS and Android). It also helps businesses keep data synced by offering native integrations with CRMs, Helpdesks, Shopping carts as well as Zapier and API.


  • SMS/Text messaging with templates.
  • Power dialer with scripts and surveys, Smart dialer, and Click-to-Call.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Drag and Drop builder.
  • Inbound call distribution and outbound dialing.
  • 50+ Integrations with CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive & more) as well as Helpdesks (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, ..) and Zapier + API.
  • It has functionalities for agent scripting, voice mail, call conferencing, and toll-free numbers.
  • CloudTalk offers local phone numbers from 70+ countries (toll-free as well).

Verdict: CloudTalk provides a cloud-based phone software that is super fast to deploy and set up even for a non-tech person. It lets you set up an online call center with all the bells and whistles from anywhere in the world while maintaining a local presence with national phone numbers.

It is GDPR and PCI compliant, has 99.99% uptime, and has great call quality ratings by customers. Pricing is very SMB friendly with plans starting at $15/month.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted
Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android & Web-based.

=> Visit CloudTalk Website

#3) Dialpad

Dialpad – Best for small to large businesses.

Price: A free trial of the platform is available for 14 days. Business Phone System plans start at $15 per user per month. It offers free unlimited video conferencing and a business plan for $15/user/month.

Sales Dialer price starts at $95 per agent per month. You can get a quote for the Contact Center solution. All the mentioned prices are for annual billing.


Dialpad is a cloud communication platform that is powered by AI and capable of taking notes and analyzing sentiments. You will get a single place to record calls, mute, hold, etc. It will seamlessly transfer between devices. It can be integrated with G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce.


  • For local numbers, Dialpad supports more than 50 countries.
  • It offers the features of call routing, live call coaching, powerful analytics, and porting existing numbers.
  • Dialpad contains the capabilities of automatic spam detection, collaboration, unlimited calling, multi-level auto attendant, etc.
  • It provides fast and hassle-free deployment.

Verdict: Dialpad is easy to use platform. It can be used on any device, anywhere. It has robust features. Its business phone app will let you check voicemails, make phone calls, and send messages through a mobile device.

Deployment: Cloud-based
Platform: Any device

=> Visit Dialpad Website

#4) LiveAgent

Best for small to medium-sized businesses.
LiveAgent Pricing: $39/month per agent. There are no hidden fees or extra per-minute charges.

LiveAgent Call Centre

LiveAgent is a cloud-based call center software. The software offers both outbound and inbound call center capabilities, complete with complex IVR trees, call routing, and unlimited call recordings. In addition to being a call center software, LiveAgent offers live chat, ticketing, knowledgebase, customer portal, and reporting capabilities.


  • Integrates with 99% of VoIP providers.
  • Has smart call routing, IVR, stores unlimited call recordings, supports video calls, and has powerful data analysis and reporting functionalities.
    • It provides a solution for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Offers over 180 help desk feature-complete with social media integrations, ticketing, live chat, and self-service options.
  • Integrates with over 40 third-party apps.
  • 24/7 support.

Verdict: LiveAgent provides a 100% cloud-based call center solution as a part of its help desk software. The price to value ratio is second to none.
Deployment: Cloud Hosted
Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, & Web-based.

=> Visit LiveAgent Website

#5) Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: The price will be based on seats, usage, and features. It has monthly as well as annual plans. You can get a quote for its pricing details.


Five9 is a cloud-based contact center. Five9 Call Center solution comes with Outbound, Inbound, Common Platform, and Administrative features. It makes use of AI for a personalized customer experience. It can provide more than 100 types of reports.

It provides 24*7*365 customer support through phone, email, and customer portal. It provides the facility for call recording, historical reporting, real-time reporting, cloud APIs, and data import.


  • It can be integrated with CRM.
  • It has a predictive dialer, ACD intelligent routing, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Speech Recognition.
  • It provides a blended solution for inbound call distribution and outbound dialing.
  • To offer your customers a better experience, it provides an omnichannel solution that enables seamless movement of agents across social media, live chat, voice calls, etc.
  • It has functionalities for agent scripting, voice mail, call conferencing, and toll-free numbers.
  • It has Predictive, Progressive, and Power dialers.

Verdict: Five9 provides a 100% cloud-based solution with all the features of the on-premises system. It works on the unstructured data from email, chats, and other data channels to know the intention of the customers. It has Local Number Options, DNC Compliance, Web Callback, and a facility for text-to-speech and speech recognition.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted
Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, & Web-based.

Website: Five9

#6) 8*8 Virtual Call Centre

Best for businesses of any size and freelancers.

Price: 8*8 has three pricing plans for the ContactNow product. The Standard plan is free. The Pro plan will cost you $50 per user per month and the Ultimate plan is for $75 per user per month.


8*8 provides a cloud-based contact center management solution that can handle Inbound and Outbound calls. It provides a Virtual Contact Center that has the functionalities for the enterprise contact center.

The ContactNow contact center is a solution for small businesses. 8*8 also provides business phone systems and a platform for integrated phone, meetings, and team messaging.


  • For Omnichannel routing, it provides the features of skill-based routing, IVR, Queued callback, web callback, & Inbound chat, email, social channels, etc.
  • It provides historical& real-time reports, customer experience analytics, and Speech analytics.
  • It can be integrated with Native CRM or using third-party integration.
  • Agents have features of knowledgebase, Expert Connect, and Co-browse.

Verdict: 8*8 Contact Center is a cloud-based solution with multiple features and functionalities like Voice & Screen Recording and archiving. It has features of Internal chat for agents & supervisors and Quality Management.

Website: 8*8

#7) Talkdesk Cloud Platform

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Talkdesk provides two pricing plans i.e. Enterprise (Get a quote) and Professional (Get a quote). Free demo is also available on request.


Talkdesk has intelligent routing features like ACD, IVR, Ring Groups, etc. It provides unlimited call recording with both plans. It has features of advanced voice capabilities and a power dialer. It has advanced network architecture. Talkdesk provides Outbound Dialer too.


  • It has quality management features like call recording, call monitoring, and call barging.
  • It has intelligent routing that can route calls using caller data, IVR, CRM information, etc.
  • Talkdesk can be integrated with more than 30 systems like Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • It provides Customizable reports and a real-time dashboard.

Verdict: Talkdesk provides a platform that is based on the microservices architecture and CPaaS foundation. This technology will give you better call quality & availability and on-demand global scalability.

Website: Talkdesk

#8) Zendesk Talk for Inbound Call

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Zendesk Talk has five pricing plans, i.e. Lite (Free), Team ($19 per agent per month), Professional ($49 per agent per month), Enterprise ($89 per agent per month), and Partner Edition ($9 per agent per month). A free trial is also available for Lite, Team, and the Professional plan.


Zendesk provides a call center solution, i.e. Zendesk Talk, which is embedded in Zendesk. It has features for inbound and outbound calling. It will allow you to select the port from the existing number. A local and toll-free number is available for 40 countries.

Zendesk supports multiple calling. It has functionalities for Inbound MMS, SMS Notifications, Outbound SMS, Inbound SMS, etc.


  • It allows unlimited concurrent calls.
  • It supports Voicemails and the creation of tickets with optional transcriptions.
  • It has functionalities for Warm transfer, call recording, and call control.
  • It also provides features like IVR systems, call queues, group routing, round-robin routing, call-back form a queue, etc., for routing and queuing calls.
  • Real-time dashboards, Advanced Analytics, and Call Monitoring & barging are the features provided for monitoring and reporting.

Verdict: Zendesk Talk is a call center solution with advanced features and functionalities like automatic ticket generation from calls or voicemails. It has features for browser-based call making and customized greetings.

Website: Zendesk

#9) Avaya Contact Center

Best for small and medium businesses.

Price: Avaya cloud-based contact Center has two pricing plans i.e. Basic (Starts at $109 per user per month) and Advanced (Starts at $129 per user per month).


Avaya Contact Center is an automated solution for inbound and outbound speech, video, email, and chat applications. It provides assisted service. It has features of Interaction recording, voice analytics, and automated scheduling.


  • It provides AI solutions that will help in enhancing human decision-making, simplifying operations, and automating processes.
  • It can identify mobile callers and offer them a mobile web experience that will be unique for their device.
  • It has features of DTMF auto attendant and calls recording for an agent.

Verdict: Avaya Contact Center can provide features for screen capture, quality management, and coaching abilities. It provides real-time and historical reports.

Website: Avaya cloud-based contact Center

#10) Ytel

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: For Contact Center, Agent License is $99. Additional offerings include Unlimited Outbound Calling Line ($10), Phone Number ($2.50), Local SMS ($0.0075), Inbound Voice ($0.01), and Toll-free number ($5). Contact Center software price starts at $100 per seat. Pricing will be based on the number of seats and usage.

Ytel will help you to deal with unorganized contact lists, scattered workflows, and high traffic & low conversion. Ytel provides Voice API for Inbound calls, Outbound calls, IVR, Call Recordings, Conferencing, and Transcription features. It provides deployment through the cloud and an open API.


  • For Contact Center, it provides the features of Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Call Recordings, Agent Scripting, DNC Safeguard, Skill-based routing, and Time Zone Protection.
  • It supports Local Numbers, Toll-Free vanity Numbers, Short Codes, Tracking Numbers, and SMS Enabled Business Lines.
  • It provides an API for Voice and Message programming.
  • It has features of Outbound Campaign Builder, Intelligent Routing, and Inbound Lead conversion.
  • With SMS API, it provides the features of Inbound SMS, Outbound SMS, Shortcode Messages, Toll-free Messages, and A2P Messages.

Verdict: Ytel is simple, intuitive, and reliable software. It provides APIs and professional services. It provides 24*7 US-based customer support.

Website: Ytel

#11) Freshcaller by Freshdesk

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: Freshcaller has four pricing plans i.e. Sprout (Free), Blossom ($19), Garden ($40 per agent per month), and Estate ($59 per agent per month).

Freshcaller provides a call center software that has an automatic call recorder. It can store the conversations of incoming and outgoing calls. It supports local and toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries.


  • It provides multi-level IVR.
  • It has features for call monitoring, barging, and recording.
  • The smart escalations feature will allow you to configure call routing.
  • It has features for Call Masking.
  • Call Monitoring features will allow you to hear live conversations. This will help you to evaluate communication effectiveness.

Verdict: Freshcaller provides additional features like allowing agents to call from any number, centralized management, call center metrics, Call queue visibility, and Agent Status. It supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android platforms.

Website: Freshcaller

#12) CrazyCall

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.

Price: CrazyCall has three pricing plans, i.e. Starter ($11 per user per month), Team ($22 per user per month), and Professional ($45 per user per month). It offers a free trial for 14 days.

CrazyCall is a business phone system that is tailored to your needs. It has features for call monitoring and recording. It supports international numbers. It has functionalities for call transfer, conference calls, and autodialer. CrazyCall provides toll-free numbers.


  • It provides the power dialer to automate outbound calls.
  • It will allow you to auto-schedule your calls and set a time between the calls.
  • The call monitoring feature has the functionality for daily dashboard for live performance monitoring and generating of reports from the historical data.
  • The tool will allow listening to calls in real-time.
  • It allows call transferring of an ongoing call.

Verdict: CrazyCall will allow you to create a personalized call script. It provides unlimited data storage with a Professional plan. It has the functionality for conference calling and tailored reporting.

#13) Convoso

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: You can get a quote for its pricing details. As per the reviews, the price for the product is $90 per user per month.

Convoso is a browser-based call center platform. It provides primary features of calling, SMS, Voice broadcasting, email, Ringless voice mail, and Conversational AI agent. It also provides advanced features like customizable dashboards, dynamic scripting, multiple dealing modes, workflow dialing, etc.


  • It provides TCPA compliance tools.
  • It has features for Local caller ID, caller ID reputation scoring, and two-way texting.
  • It has a facility for Power dialing, Predictive dialing, and Preview Dialing.
  • The tool helps in keeping calls free from Scam Likely or Scam Lock alerts.
  • This tool will help you to reach the customers at the right time with the feature Workflow dialing.

Verdict: Convoso is a cloud-based solution. It has a built-in CRM system. It provides a feature of workflow dialing that will help you to find the correct time to call each individual.

#14) Knowmax

Knowmax – Call center knowledge management system for BPOs & In-house/captive customer support teams.

Best for Global enterprises with small, medium, or large-scale operations.
Price: Knowmax offers different pricing plans for different products. Get a quote.


Knowmax provides a complete knowledge management solution for contact centers. It’s a cloud-based intuitive platform, deployed in 30+ countries, which allows you to easily create content, curate them and disseminate it across digital as well as assisted channels.


  • Google-like search, which helps in easy findability of knowledge from a centralized repository, thus reducing AHT as well as agent error.
  • Decision trees with step-by-step guides help agents in taking the next best action with accurate probing.
  • Easy product adoption & faster resolution using visual how-to-guides for accurate & faster responses at all times.
  • Reduce time to proficiency of agents from months to weeks or days using an integrated learning module with assessment capabilities.
  • Create knowledge in the language of your choice such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German & more.
  • Language agnostic creation & consumption.
  • Conduct ongoing assessments to ensure that process health is on track for new as well as tenured agents with regular updates.
  • Equip agents to send relevant knowledge articles & help guides to customers thus reducing repeat calls, leading to lower OPEX & better customer self-service.


We have reviewed and compared the top call center software in this article. Five9 provides a 100% cloud-based Contact Center Software solution with a lot of features and functionalities like call conferencing and Web Callback. Talkdesk makes use of advanced network architecture. It provides features like intelligent routing and customizable reports.

Zendesk Talk is rich in features and functionalities. Ytel is a simple and intuitive call center solution. CrazyCall is a business phone system that has features like power dealer and automating outbound calls.

The 8*8, Zendesk, and Freshcaller provide a free plan.

Hope this article would have helped you in selecting the right Call Center Software.


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