Customer Service Jobs in Canada

Customer service jobs are always high in demand. This is because Customer service determines the success of a business. Canada’s fast-blooming economy generates thousands of employment opportunities every year among which there’s a significant number of jobs related to customer service. If you are an immigrant seeking employment in Canada then getting a Customer service job might be one of the most suitable career options for you. This article will aid you in finding the right customer service job for you according to your qualification and skills.

Why customer service?

Customer service is a vast stream consisting of a variety of jobs. From call center representatives to front desk officers and guest relation officers all fall under the category of Customer service. The versatility of this industry makes it attractive for a large number of job-seekers. It’s really easy to find a suitable customer service job according to your qualification, skills, and experience as there are a lot of working opportunities on different levels. As an immigrant, if you are bilingual even with no experience then you are still a competitive candidate to start a career in Customer service. This is because customer service is based on communication and knowing an additional language is always a plus point.

Eligibility Criteria:

Customer service jobs have different levels and roles but the key to good customer service is effective communication. The exact skill set and qualification required to get a Customer Service job in Canada largely depend upon the level and nature of the job you are willing to apply for. Trainee level jobs usually don’t require a high qualification while other jobs may hold a minimum requirement of graduation. Relevant previous experience always increases your chances of getting a better job while knowing multiple languages in many cases is a cherry on top. For certain jobs, Canadian qualifications like CCSP (Certified Customer Service Professional) and CCSM (Certified Customer Success Manager) are essential but no matter how qualified you are you must have excellent communication skills to excel in the customer service industry.

Types of Customer Service Jobs:

Customer service is a huge industry consisting of a large variety of jobs. Some of the best Customer service jobs in Canada are:

Social Media Customer Care Associate
Information clerks
Call center agent
Complaints handlers
Courtesy desk agents
Public relations officers
Tourist information service operatives
Customer Support Associate
Lost and found assistants
Front desk officer
Bus information clerks

Sources to find jobs:

Internet is full of reliable sources where you can find jobs related to Customer service and other industries. There are many websites solely created for job-posting where you can find work or you may directly browse the websites of your desired companies to look for relevant vacancies. Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn may also be of great assistance in expanding your network which will ultimately increase your chances of catching the attention of employers. You can also share your updated CV with different recruitment agencies who may get you in touch with the right employers to get your dream job.

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