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The EB-5  immigrant investor program is a highly beneficial permanent residence option for wealthy individuals. For many foreign nationals, it is the best option, and for foreign nationals with no family or employment sponsorship in the U.S., it may be the only option for obtaining permanent residence status.

Employment-based, 5th Category EB-5 allows you, your spouse, and your unmarried children under the age of 21, the opportunity to live and work in the United States of America.

EB-5 Visa category is designed to provide you with a pathway to U.S. Citizenship, through investment. Currently, the amount of investment is from $900,000 (at Targeted Employment Areas) and $1,800,000 elsewhere (non-TEA zones).

Apply For Your US EB-5 Visa From Dubai With Complete Assistance From The American Legal Center

The team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers at the American Legal Center is available to provide active guidance to clients throughout the EB-5 migration process. As such, our range of services focused on making it easier for our clients to secure the EB-5 USA visa from Dubai are inclusive of:

  • Providing a free consultation with U.S. licensed lawyers in our offices in Downtown Dubai and answering any preliminary questions about the process.
  • Pre-qualifying clients to ensure they are the right candidate for the program.
  • Providing examples of qualifying EB-5 investment opportunities for investors to consider for their migration process. Generally, the projects provided will be from project sponsors who have completed their previous EB-5 projects successfully and have a track record of repaying back their investor’s principal of $900,000 on time.
  • Acting as the single point of contact between the client, attorney of record, the Regional Center, and the U.S. Government (USCIS).
  • Ensuring the timely processing of all government applications, Form I-526, DS-260, I-829, and others.
  • Providing updates on the client’s pending government approvals and attempting to expedite the approval process to the extent possible and necessary.

Apply for the EB-5 From Dubai With the Utmost Confidence – EB5 Green Card

Eb5 investment Visa

At the American Legal Center, our number one priority is to make it easier for you to apply for and secure your investment-based EB-5 in Dubai with complete ease, confidence, and in a hassle-free manner. Our team of experts is here to guide you throughout the process from start to finish, thereby taking away any stress involved. Our range of services further includes:

  • Prepare clients for the U.S. Embassy interview in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, Muscat or any other local embassy of their choice so that they can process their residency visas and ultimately their U.S. Green Card.
  • We can provide additional relocation guidance, college enrolment resources, questions about obtaining government benefits, and other resources on maximizing your benefits as a U.S. person.
  • As a general practice, we do not bill our clients on an hourly basis and encourage ongoing communications with our clients. We proudly treat each client as a member of our larger family and welcome office visits in Dubai, or upon request, we can facilitate visits to our partner offices in the United States as well. In some instances, our associates will also travel to neighboring GCC and other regions to meet with and assist clients.

EB-5 program advantages

  • Investor and derivatives will qualify for U.S. Passports and become naturalized after 5 years of presence in the United States (5 years upon entry with U.S. Green Card).
  • No special requirements for education, experience or language skills.
  • Sponsorship is not required from either an employer or a family member.
  • Investors can choose any State he or she wishes to reside in.
  • Investor and derivative family members have permission to work and/or study in the United States upon entry first entry with Immigrant Visa Stamp.
  • Investors can establish or get involved in any type of business in the United States in addition to any EB-5 investments, immediately upon first entry with Immigrant Visa Stamp.

Is EB-5 for me

    • Parents looking for a better future for their children. Those who are looking for better schools and universities where their children may thrive.
    • Individuals looking to become US Citizens (EB-5 allows for you to become a naturalized US person and to obtain US Passport).
    • Expats whose present country of residence does not offer them long-term Citizenship options.
    • Individuals looking to invest and in return obtain safer environment to live in and grow their families.
    • People who want to get out of their country because of uncertainties such as financial and/or social crisis.
    • Business owner having existing business outside the U.S. who is looking for more productivity and growth and expansion into the U.S. markets.
    • Existing business owners looking for more business opportunity and tools.
    • Individuals looking for better medical services and healthcare.
    • Students obtaining higher education who want to ensure a better future upon completion of their studies.
    • Less expensive university options (i.e. loan or grants) may be available for legal permanent residents.
    • People looking for more job opportunities.
    • People looking for higher standards of living.
    • Ideal for nationals whose country does not have the Treaty Trade Agreement with the US, allowing them the option for E-1/ E-2.
    • Ideal for business savvy entrepreneurs looking for more opportunities.
    • Inventors looking to patent their invention in the United States and reside here thereafter to oversee their invention’s growth.
    • Doctors taking their USMLE exam would have a higher change of being matched for hospital Residency programs.
    • Expats whose present country does not offer them long-term Citizenship options.
    • Anyone not eligible for any other kind of visa.
    • People who want to work in financial sectors like NY stock Exchange, or who may be interested in obtaining US government jobs, and want to have a stronger standing in the US.

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