Find Farm Jobs In Canada

There is a huge opportunities that is expected to be raised in Agriculture sector in Canada. As per the expert’s report, by 2030, lots of people working in agricture sector will switch their paths to something else which will create lots of employmenet gap into the industry. It will increase the number of people required to do the jobs will be increased daramatically.

Therefore, if you are into farming and wanted to find a job in Canada then you have a great shot. You will be needing an agriculture work permit to start working in agriculte sector in Canada.

Finding Farm Work in Canada

If you are interested finding job in agriculture sector in Canada then you will be needing the services of agriculture work permit recruiter. The Work Permit recruiters work for Canadian government and they try their level best to fill the gaps between workforce.

The job of recruiter is to pre-screen and hire immigrant candidates in the suitable roles to serve the country. They will help you to start your professional journey in Canada smoothly.

Moreover, there are also many sites who help backpackers and gap-year students to find suitable jobs in agriculture sector. If you are a authorized to be employed in Canada then you may contact Agricultural Employment Service in order to ask them to provide all the relevant information about harvesting jobs and opportunities in Canada.

You may also use AgriVenture which is a company that recruit farm workers for short term work placements that last from 5 to 14 months. The jobs include the work payment and food for their work. While working with AgriVenture, you are supposed to fund your travelling costs and insurance and they may also require you to provide the driving license.

Another option is a voluntary organization which is called  WWOOF who places volunters in farms across the globe including Canada.

Seasonal Employement in Canada

In Canada, there are several opportunities for backpackers & seasonal employees specially to work in agirculture sector. Ontario, British Columbia, and the Okanagan valley has great opportunities to work as fruit pickers where cherries, apples, and peaches are available for harvesting in Summer from July to September.

The payment depends upon the amount of fruits you have picked and the rates are bit low for the fruit pickers.

There are also other agricultre job opportunities which include; farm hand work and there are lots of opportunities to work in this area. The role of farm hand worker is offered against hourly wage rate; however, it is bit labour-extensive work where you have to put a lot of efforts to finish the job.

Skills Required for Farm Jobs

There are no such hard requirements to work in farms of Canada. If you have Visa which allow you to work in Canada then you are good to go. There are no any special skills required to perform the agriculture jobs. However, make sure that you are physically fit as it may require lots of tough tasks.

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