Healthcare Jobs In Canada

There are lots of people who are interested to work in a Healthcare center in Canada. The good news is that there are tons of new jobs announced every year in the healthcare center. There is a huge demand for health workers in Canada due to the increasing population and health issues. Due to high demand, there are lots of openings in healthcare which makes it easy for one to find jobs in the Healthcare sector.

There is various designation of jobs in healthcare in Canada that ranges from nursing and midwifery to physiotherapy and pharmacy which gives you a broad ground to find the job for yourself. So if you are interested to work in a healthcare center that I am going to help you find the right kind of job for yourself.

Healthcare Jobs In Canada

I have just compiled all the healthcare jobs for you below. I will be updating them in a timely manner.

Working as a Nurse in Canada!

If you are a qualified nurse then there are tons of jobs that you can apply for which I have discussed below for you.

In case to work as a nurse in Canada, you need to be a qualified nurse working in your country then you may apply for a temporary residency work permit to move to Canada. However, you will have to verify your educational credentials with the Canadian government authority – you may do it either before moving to Canada or after you reached there.

You are also required to get yourself registered as a nurse in Canada with either CCPNR ( The Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators) or CAN (Canadian Nurse Association). You are required to apply to the appropriate Nurse Regulatory body of territory or province in which you are going to work. The requirement for registration differs from region to region.

Except for Quebec, you will need to also pass the CRNE or CPNRE exams as part of your registration process.

Working as a Doctor in Canada

A Doctor who is trained overseas has to wait until Canda recognizes their qualification. Every territory and province in Canada has its own criteria to allow the doctors to practice in their region. The process for applying for practicing can be a little complex for some of you. You may have to go through several examinations in order to work in their area. Moreover, you also have to go through the language proficiency test and also post-graduate training and assessment.

Since you will be an overseas doctor then you will have to work in an isolated or understaffed community for a set period of time as per the conditions for a license to you for practice.

Working as Live in Carer & Home Help Roles

If you are not qualified enough then you may also consider working as a live career or home help role. You may ask the private agencies to help you find such kinds of jobs. You may also use craigslist to find such jobs as well. These jobs does not require you any Healthcare qualification. There is a huge demand for these types of jobs as well and it is pretty easy to get these jobs.

General Working Criteria for HealthCare Jobs

Following are the criteria which you are supposed to meet in order to work in the healthcare sector in Canada.

  • Your qualification is required to be assessed by the Canadian Government in order to ensure that they are equivalent to Canadian certification.
  • You should have at least 2 years of working experience in a similar field.
  • There should be strong proficiency in either English or French language along with speaking, writing, and reading skills.
  • A character certificate is also required ensuring that there is no criminal background.
  • You need to go through a medical examination in order to ensure your good physical health.
  • You may also have to register with a professional healthcare organization that represent your community.

Immigration Option for Healthcare Workers

There are tons of options and ways open for healthcare workers to move to Canada. However, there are two main types that are well suited for healthcare workers: The Federal Skilled Worker Program & Provincial Nominee Program.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program has 9 occupations on it that are related to the healthcare field. If you are skilled and experienced in any of the 9 occupations that it is a good-to-go option for you.

Provincial Nominee Program is another way to get employment opportunities in Canada. In this program, provinces choose the individual to work in their area and grant permanent residency.

Moreover, there are some territories like British Columbia and Saskatchewan that have their own programs that bring talented healthcare workers to their district. In order to apply for their program, you will have to prove your medical qualification and also meet the language proficiency minimum threshold. You may also be financially independent and can fund yourself. Make sure that you have the relevant qualification practicing certificate in order to practice as a medical professional in Canada. The medical credentials are also required to be authorized by Canadian authorities.

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