High Paying Jobs in Canada

Canada is reported to be the second-best country in the World. That’s one of the reasons why the popularity of Canadian based jobs is boosting with time. The country’s well-flourished economy facilitates the individuals associated with its labor market to make a significant amount of money every year. Getting a job in Canada remarkably improves the living standard of a person but there are certain industries in which employees are highly-paid. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the high-paying jobs in Canada.

Mining and Forestry Management:

Managing natural resources is a very essential task for both economic development and the environmental preservation of a country. This is what makes it one of the most well-paid working opportunities for job-seekers in Canada. The pay scale of this job is around $108,000 per year because it requires a lot of technical knowledge as well as leadership and management skills. To start working as a forestry manager, you may need a degree in forest sciences or engineering while a mining manager may require a mining engineering degree or simply a Bachelor’s degree in earth sciences. Relevant experience in both fields can be a cherry on top and will guarantee you a golden employment opportunity with a decent earning.

Human Resources:

The Human Resources department is one of the most essential assets of a company. Businesses with a strong HR department are the ones who successfully build promising relationships with their clients and internal customers and can generate high revenue. This significance of the HR department makes it the hub of some of the most high-income employment opportunities. To attain a job in the HR department you might need at least a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from a university recognized by the Canadian authorities. The starting pay in the HR sector might be $30,000 at a smaller firm but it is possible to earn much more in a renowned company.

Higher Education:

Canada owns one of the most prestigious education systems. Degrees offered by Canadian universities are internationally recognized and hundred-thousands of international students are accepted in different institutions every year. These constantly-increasing statistics have produced a great need for university professors who are qualified enough to teach graduation and post-graduation level students. A Canadian university professor on average earns $85,000 per year. This may vary with the subjects they teach. Professors who teach Medicine and Business, being two of the most well-paid streams, make a lot more money than any other subject. To serve as a professor in a Canadian university you must have at least a Doctorate in your field along with other licenses and qualifications required.

Registered Nursing:

The noble profession of nursing is acknowledged Worldwide as one of the most prestigious professions. Registered nursing in Canada these days is high in demand with a surprisingly well pay scale. A registered nurse with little to no experience may earn as much as $60,000 per year and it may increase up to $80,000 with additional experience. If you want to work as a registered nurse in Canada, you must have a minimum Bachelor’s degree in nursing from a university that is recognized in Canada.

Engineering in Specialist Fields:

Engineering jobs are high-paid in general but graduates of some streams may earn much more than the others. These highly lucrative fields include marine engineering, petroleum engineering, and biomechanics. The average salary of an engineer in Canada ranges from $80,000 to $100,000 or more. To get an engineering job in Canada yo

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