Hotel Jobs In Canada

Canada has always been a center of attraction for tourists all over the World. The Canadian hospitality industry holds a diverse customer base including locals and foreigners. No matter if you are a student or a business visitor you must have encountered at least a single visit to a hotel during your stay. The need for accommodation of these tourists or temporary visitors makes the Hotel industry a major source of employment for many job-seekers. If you wish to get a job in the Canadian hotel industry, then you are in the right place!

Types of Hotel Jobs In Canada

The diversity of hotel jobs makes it possible for you to find a job according to your skills. If you are an extroverted person who is enthusiastic about interacting with different people, then you can apply for a job in front of the house. A person who holds a passion for cooking and decorating food might be comfortable with working in the kitchen and similarly, a person who loves to assist others and might be a clean-freak would be suited for a job in house-keeping. Some people are highly organized which makes them good restaurant managers while some people would just enjoy serving others their favorite foods. The hospitality industry is all about welcoming various kinds of customers and making them feel at home. So even with a minimum skill set or qualification, you are always eligible to get a job in this industry.

Front of the house: It is the department that forms direct contact with the customers, including front desk officers, servers, and guest relation officers.

Kitchen: The kitchen is the backbone of a hotel. There is a variety of kitchen jobs available ranging from executive chef to trainee level cooks and porters.

House Keeping: Housekeeping staff is mainly responsible for the maintenance of rooms including cleaning, making beds, restocking amenities, picking up trash and laundry, etc.

Management and Organization:
It includes a wide range of jobs from the hotel administration to event coordinators and simply the management team.

Qualification Required:

The Canadian work permit is one of the most significant documents essential to work in Canada. The minimum qualification required to get a job in the Canadian hotel industry is to be able to greet people and communicate with them effectively. The required skills and qualifications are unique to the specific department. If you are seeking a kitchen based job, then you must have a qualification or experience in cooking a variety of cuisines. However, certain lower-level and trainee-level jobs are always high in demand and do not require a lot of experience and qualifications.

Where to find jobs?

The Internet holds a huge variety of job banks you can use to find the perfect job for yourself. If you aspire to join a specific hotel, then you may browse their official website to look for career opportunities or you can get the services of a recruitment agency to land your dream job. The other ways helpful in job-seeking is to create an account on a social networking platform where employers may approach you or simply subscribe to a Canadian newsletter as it may introduce you to some life-changing opportunities.

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