How to Get An Open Work Permit in Canada

Canada is a paradise for lots of people who want to work due to its friendly working environment. However, before starting to work in Canada, it is important for you to consider and get the right kind of work permit before actually start working there. If you don’t have already received the work permit from your employer then this guide is going to help you to get an open Work permit in Canada.

I have tried to write the simplest form of guide for the people who are interested in working in Canada. After going through this guide, you can get to know about the complete process of getting an open work permit in Canada.

How to Get An Open Work Permit in Canada

So here I am adding all the relevant information of Canada Open Work Permit information for you.

What is an Open Work Permit in Canada?

An Open Work permit is similar to a VISA which is not limited to any specific job. It means that the criteria which are necessary to meet for certain jobs are not required in an Openwork Permit case. You are not required to submit a Labor Market Impact Assessment along with your foam. You don’t have to provide proof that the employer has submitted an employment offer through the Employer Portal or paid an employer compliance fee.

This type of work permit helps the Candian employer to hire the foreign national for a specific. However, there may be restrictions applied to the type of jobs a foreigner can apply for. You can apply for an open work permit either from within the country, at a Canadian port of entry, or from outside Canada.

A holder of an Open Work permit will have to seek permission from authorities if they plan to switch to other career options.

Who can apply for an Open Work Permit?

There are several groups of people who can apply for an open Work permit which includes;

  • Foreign nationals who do have other means of earning other than working.
  • Foreign nationals who are living in Canada for humanitarian reasons.
  • A person who is a participant in the Canada World Youth Program.
  • Young people who are working in young workers and international student exchange programs.
  • Family members of foreign representatives and military personnel who have an exemption from the LMIA requirements.
  • A professional athlete who has to work for supporting their professional while playing for Canada.
  • Spouses or common-law partners of a skilled resident worker or overseas students studying in Canada.
  • Foreign national who is working in Canada and whose work permit is due to expire and who have already submitted their application to obtain permanent residence under any one of the following programs:
  1. The Canadian Experience Class.
  2. The Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  3. The Provincial Nominee Program.
  4. The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Overseas nationals who have already submitted their application in order to apply for permanent residency under the SCLPC (spouse or common-law partner in Canada) class. The application is only eligible when their partner is a permanent resident; if a sponsorship has already been submitted on the behalf of the applicant if the applicant is living at the same address as their sponsor and if the applicant already has a valid status as a temporary resident as either a worker, student, or visitor.

Type of Open Work Permits

There are two main types of Openwork permits; one is Unrestricted Open Work permits and other is restricted Open Work Permits.

Unrestricted Open Work Permits

The unrestricted Open Work Permits let the foreigner can undertake any role for a Canadian employer in any place. In order to be eligible for this visa, a candidate must have passed the relevant medical exam or have failed the medical exam but have no other way of supporting themselves.

Occupation Restricted Open Work Permits

Under this permit, an individual may be employed by any Canadian employer; however, there will be some specifications that will be required to be met. An individual is forbidden from working in the health care business and maybe forbidden from working in childcare, education, and sometimes farming.

Can we change Standard Working Permit to Open?

Normally, you cannot change the standard work permit to an open work permit; however, if there any exceptional or extra-ordinary circumstances such as eligibility through specific legislative provisions then it can be converted.

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