How to Start a Business in Canada and Get Business Visa

Canada is the most epic place to start a business and there are tons of people who are interesting in doing business in Canada to explore the other avenues. Doing business in Canada will make your immigration process pretty easy and comfortable. Canada has introduced a number of startup programs that you can use to establish and set up your business in Canada.

There are many platforms for entrepreneurs to compete with the world and get a chance to earn a permanent residency in Canada. If you want to get a Business Visa in Canada then there are some requirements that are needed to be followed to make the process hassle-free.

How to Get a Business Visa in Canada – Step by Step Process

I have tried to add all the steps below for you so that you can get a complete view of getting;

Application & Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are pretty simple and straight-forward which is shared below for you;

  • First of all, you need to fill the application form with true details and provide all the relevant information.
  • Once the form is filled then you need to perform thorough research about growing your business, investment opportunities, and advancing the business relationships.
  • A letter of invitation will also be required from your partners who are currently residing in Canada along with their contact details which are active all the time.
  • You will be eligible for the visa if you are planning to stay for 6 or more months.
  • If you have a business outside Canada as well then you will have to provide a valid traveling document.

Required Document

While you are planning to apply for Business Visa in Canada then you must ensure that you have all the required documents present. I have listed all the required document below for you;

  • A valid passport.
  • A valid temporary Visa.
  • Letters which are supporting documents from your parent company along with a letter of invitations from your partners residing in Canada.
  • Letter of recognition from Canada border service agency along with the warranty, service agreements, contracts, and Canada contacting details.
  • Once you have all the documents then these will be forwarded to the concerned departments. After that, you will receive an interview call. All the further details will be written in the interview letter.

Note: You must appear on the internet with all the relevant documents. 

How to Setup business in Canada after Arrival?

After you have cleared the interview then you will be provided the business Visa after some time. While arriving in Canada, a border officer will greet you. They will check your Passport and all other traveling documents.

After you have entered the country following all the criteria, then you are ready to set up your business. A business strategy entirely depends on your personal preference, choice, and experience. You can either go for a startup or register a corporation. Before starting your business, I would recommend you to perform detailed research on financing the business.

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