Human Resource Jobs In Canada

Human Resources is the backbone of any business or company as they are responsible for managing the entire workforce including the recruitment, payrolls, and employee development plans of a company. HR itself is a vast field that consists of various jobs but finding an HR job in Canada can be a little complicated. If you are an immigrant looking for an HR job in Canada, you will first need to obtain a relevant certificate in Human Resources Management from a Canadian University. Since HR directly deals with the public, it is mandatory for you to be a CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) to get a job in Canada. To get this certification, you’ll have to conduct thorough research of the recommended qualifications and criteria according to the requirements of your desired province. Here we’ll guide you on the general requirements and eligibility criteria to become CHRP certified and get an HR job in Canada.

Minimum Coursework Requirements:

To apply for a CHRP qualification which is recognized throughout Canada, the candidates are required to meet certain criteria decided by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations. You should get a Bachelor’s degree with completion of 9 courses. The minimum grade should be 65% for each subject and 70% overall. The alternative way of getting a CHRP certification is to clear National knowledge exams conducted by CCHRA.

The Alternative Approach:

National Knowledge Exam is a way to qualify for a CHRP certificate without having to study at a Canadian university. It is conducted twice a year and consists of 175 multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge about the industry. The candidate should store a minimum of 70% to clear this exam and proceed to the next level. However, the candidate is required to have a Bachelor’s degree from either a Canadian or a foreign university to be eligible to appear in the national knowledge exam. After clearing the National Knowledge Exam you’ll have to appear in the National Professional Practice Exam which is the final exam you’ll have to pass before getting CHRP certification. This is a 3 hours-long exam consisting of 110 Multiple choice questions. Once you’ve cleared your NPPE, you’ll be awarded a CHRP certification.

Finding A Job In Canada:

The CHRP certificate allows you to be able to apply for HR jobs in Canada but finding a job for yourself can be a bit tricky. The best way to access the HR industry is to expand your networks within the industry. A decent social circle is always beneficial in one way or another. To find jobs in any industry, the internet, and especially professional social websites like LinkedIn can be of great use. You can also follow industry newsletters such as “Canadian HR Reporter” to stay updated. A good resume promises higher chances of employment so another important step in getting your desired job is to update your resumes as per the industry requirements in Canada. Don’t expect to get a C-level job just as you enter the industry because keeping patient and gathering relevant experience always helps you in finding the right job.

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