Jobs In The Canadian Education Industry

Finding Jobs in Canadian Education Industry is another avenue which you may consider going for. If you are a professional teacher with strong working experience and wanted to move into Canada for work then you may find lots of opportunities. The Education Industry of Canada is vast and there are tons of jobs from teachers to support staff.

There is a huge demand for secondary teachers, kindergarten staff, and college lecturers which gives a lot of overseas to come and grab the opportunity. In order to further assist you in finding the jobs in Canadian Education Industry, I am adding this dedicated article for you.

Jobs in Canadian Education Industry

So now without wasting much of your time, let me share complete details about the Education Industry and how you can find the jobs in them.

There are around 250 different school boards in various parts of Canada and every province and territory has its own rules and regulation for them. Some of the areas have easy regulation and some have very hard. Nova Scotia & Ontario both have more supply than demand currently which is why you should avoid them.

However, there are some of the fastest-growing cities and areas often in the provinces of Alberta and in the Western Canada region which require more people than others. There is also a shortage of people in the North of Canada.

What are the Average Salaries of Teachers

Teachers in Canada earn a handsome amount of money. The salaries depend on the skills, qualifications, and experience of the individual. Normally, it ranges between $41,000 and $61,000 can be expected, but annual salaries can even rise as high as $95,000 in some cases.

Prerequisite of Becoming a Teacher in Canada!

There are a few common requirements that you must follow in order to become a teacher.

  • Correct location certification along with teaching qualification.
  • If you are trained as a teacher outside Canada, then you will have to apply for a teaching certificate from the province you want to work in.
  • Previous teaching experience along with academics will also be considered.
  • Moral character certificate to ensure that there is no criminal record and you are well suited to work with children.
  • Private & international schools may have their own criteria and they may ask for any other certification.
  • You also have to prove that you can take a course to update your skills.

Language Skills

The language requirement is the most basic and important requirement in order to work in the educational Industry. You must be fluent in English along with reading, writing, and speaking skills. However, if you are going to work with French students then fluency in the French language will be required.

If you are raised in a non-English country then you will have to undertake an English proficiency test and pass it before receiving the teaching certificate.

Familiarization Programs

The familiarization Program of Canada is designed for the overseas teachers where they want the overseas teachers to go through Familiarization Programs in order to get themselves sound with the Canadian education system. They have to go through this program before they are even issued the teaching experience. It is required for the individual who is trained in the different education systems. It requires the individual to take several courses that are accredited by a local university and it may go for a year.

Teaching English as a Secondary Language

This is an alternate to work in Canada as a TESL teacher where you have to teach a foreign language to other immigrants. If you come with 2 years of relevant experience, then you can find the job pretty easily. There are lots of language schools where there is always a demand for staff. However, you have to go through a Canadian evaluation in order to get the relevant certificate to work in this sector.

You may require TESOL diploma in order to get a decent paying TESL job. TASE will evaluate your experience, qualification, and skills and will upgrade the qualification that will allow you to teach English as a second language across Canada.

Where can I find Teaching Jobs in Canada?

There are lots of agencies and portals that can help you to find the right kind of teaching job for yourself. These third-party agencies will help you connect with the right kind of employer. You may also use the job portals, websites, newspapers and other communities to find such jobs. Moreover, on ACNL we will also be sharing lots of such jobs.

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