WES ECA for Canada immigration – Updated

The World Education Services (WES) has been awarded to immigrants, refugees, and nationals in Canada (IRCC) to provide Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) degrees and certificates obtained outside Canada. The ECA is required to apply for specific IRCC immigration programs to ensure that non-eligible qualifications, accolades, and testaments have the same legal status as Canada. The WES later announced that candidates for the migration election would only need to present their most outstanding certificate. As of November 2020, people with a PhD are not required to submit four-year college courses or degrees to be screened, equal to people with a degree, or four-year college education. Under the new standards, posting to all qualifications despite high promotions can now block communication. The WES requests that you do not have to submit additional certification tests, as they will bring lumps in the method. You can first meet all the requirements of the Canadian immigration program. Strangers require ECA upon graduation from Canada and oblige as:
  • Are eligible as a primary candidate for the Federal Skilled Workers Program under Express Entry, framework
  • Get a focus on the education they received outside of Canada.
Unusual tribes can also find a focus on their partner or in a customary law course if they come to Canada as well. “There are four releases now,” noted WES on its site. “Those special cases apply to people with training experience, design expert, theory specialist, or degree specialist.” With WES ECA you can:
  • Meet the requirements of the IRCC Educational Credential Assessment (note of doctors and drug specialists).
  • Get information about your studies to find your goals in Canada
  • Keep your report and verified archives in the future.
Your WES ECA is valid for a long time from the date of issue, and you can continue to use your ECA when presenting another Express Entry profile. Note: The WES does not gauge captioning skills. For more information on IRCC migration programs, visit the IRCC site. ECAs submitted for the purpose of movement should not be more than five years old when baptism candidates present their Express Entry profile or apply for permanent residence. Specialists coming to Canada will be tested for their qualifications by their professional organizations in Canada. For example, medical ECAs have been finalized by the Canadian Medical Council. ECA specialist drugs have been completed by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada. Candidates for the Canadian movement are not required to obtain ECA from organizations provided by the IRCC if possible:
  • Have the scholarship to study at a Canadian school after assisting at any time for one year or
  • They can prove that they have assets totaling $ 50 billion in Canadian dollars or more legally purchased, private business premises, or speculation tests and apply for an exemption.

All ECAs require:

  • Have a release date on or after the association assigned to the IRCC;
  • Be under five years old on the date the IRCC receives the application;
  • Show that international completed accreditation is the same as Canadian graduation after being assisted by any event in one year
  • Provided to the association or professional body provided by the IRCC

WES Canada Form

For further or advanced study, license, and work, select the standard WES application.

WES Canada Login

Whenever you sign up you will be able to enter your record via WES Canada Login.

Charges and Expense with WES Canada

Your reimbursement must be available before the appraisal can be done. WES approves the payment by Mastercard, check request, or Western Union. When you submit your application, you will receive a WES reference number. Be sure to record this and remember it in all archives, envelopes, and contacts with WES. This helps track your records and avoid help delays.

WES Canada Testing Measures

WES uses three business evaluation criteria:
  • Submit your request
  • Present your reports
  • WES will review your verification, compile your report, and forward it to your beneficiaries
The full WES test rating includes:
  • Test of fidelity, everything is equal,
  • Careful assessment of your studies
  • The standard quality looks at each report
  • An electronic ID that you can use to show your tested qualification through online media sites such as LinkedIn
This partnership ensures that your WES testing is widely accepted and appreciated by more than 2,500 educational, business, accreditation, and administrative organizations throughout the US and beyond, Canada. WES is a member of NACES, an independent testing management organization in the United States, and the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada. WES is working quickly to complete your test and provides alternative submissions to ensure that your report appears immediately:
  • Seven business day expiration date once you have applied and all required archives have been received and approved (20 business days for ECA immigration testing)
  • Various quick options for your report, including three to five days delivery, two-day air transfers, and night courier.

Tools for WES Canada Success

WES offers a wide range of support and promotion services, all completely free. By WES Advisor you are associated with encouragement from two specialists

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